Category: Sports

  • Fall from grace

    From Rob Steen’s article on the loss of England to New Zealand last week. Timidity. Mental cowardice. Unconfidence. Complacency. Ineffable bloody uselessness. And much, much worse. I think I can use the same terms to describe India’s loss to England in hockey and hence missing the Olympics for first time in eighty years. I still…

  • Sparks will fly at night!

    Formula 1 under lights in Singapore next year. Awezome! Also, Valencia gets to host the European Grand Prix.

  • What a racing weekend!

    Anyone who watched the F1 race this weekend, whatever team or driver you support, I am sure went through a roller coaster of a ride. If you liked Kimi, who I personally believe is the best on the circuit at the moment, it would have been expectation, when the race started, to despair when Lewis…

  • Missing You

    It rained on Saturday and then again on Sunday. And I missed you immensely. Why did you have to?? No one matched your skills in the rain. Wish you were there. Regenmeister. But you have a worthy successor in Hamilton.

  • Deja Vu

    Almost a year back I had written about the doping scandals that had hit the last year’s Tour De France. And I was hoping this year would be better and cleaner. But no. Team Cofidis has pulled out due to Cristian Moreni’s doping saga. The doping scandals, like Dementors, loom large over the sport I…