The Supreme Court (SC) today reprimanded Zaheera and fined her Rs. 50000 for contempt of court. Yeah right!!

Where was the SC when her life was threatened by the so called BJP goons? Wasn’t the court dishonoured when Mr. Munshi (Jessica Lal Case), Mr. Shah Rukh Khan and many more “heroes” (Another Case) turned hostile and turned their backs to justice? If the court cannot grant the safety of a witness, it has no right to term a witness “liar”.

“Bound at every limb by my shackles of fear
Sealed with lies through so many tears”

Losing my religion!!

This article reminded me of something I wrote somewhere a long time ago.

“The trick is to hang on and keep fighting for what you believe in.”

While the article still puts forth a valid point. Given the conditions what would we have done if we were in Google’s shoes. Maybe we would have made the compromise. Maybe we wouldn’t have. But again we have to think as heads of a multi billion dollar company which is answerable to its shareholder. I still dont agree with the choice Google/Yahoo/MSN made but I definitely understand why they made it.

“If you’ve had to swallow a boss’s distasteful diatribe, stick your tongue out at him once you’re safely within a bathroom stall. If you think the company you work for is slimy, do volunteer work that counteracts what it’s done. If you’ve had to accept a lesser salary, keep sending out resumes in hope for a better future.”

The teens have become adults but I sure hope the spark hasn’t died out. And “hope is a good thing. Perhaps the best of things.” ๐Ÿ™‚

Of Holocaust, Sonia and fatwas!!

David Irving, a British right wing historian, has been jailed for three years for denying that the Holocaust by an Austrian court. Apparently the denial of Holocaust is crime in Austria with imprisonment of up to 10 years!!! While Jewish leaders and historians have said that the decision was correct a few have also questioned wisdom in imprisoning Irving. Interestingly the decision comes when Europe finds itself wrapped in an intense debate over freedom of expression. Now this one should be an interesting affair. Mr. Irving has found himself once again on the wrong side of law after having been already fined for making Neo-Nazi remarks in Germany and being labeled as “anti-Semitic and racist” by a British court.

Meanwhile in India, Ms. Sonia Gandhi finds herself extremely disturbed by the Danish cartoons of Prophet Mohammed. I never heard about her being disturbed by MF Hussainโ€™s drawings. On the other hand she definitely would have been disturbed by the attack on Mr. Hussain’s exhibition.

Also a UP minister (of Haj!!! Do they have a minister for Amarnath yatra or do they sponsor it with tax payers hard earned money?? But that is another issue.) has called for the beheading of the Danish cartoonist and offered a reward of 51 crores. Also a UP cleric has offered reward for anyone who kills the Danish cartoonist. Interesting. A public supari you may call it. Are there no laws against such people??? They should be classified as anti-social elements in the bracket of Dawood Ibrahim and Chotta Rajan.

Meanwhile, Manisha Koirala is in midst of a controversy (not for any skin show this time.. thank god for that) for naming her dog (which she claims does not exist) as Mustafa. We do live in interesting times. I think I read 1984 at the right time. This is what Dilip D’Souza and Amit Varma have to say about it.

“Secular” Army!!

A religion based census of the armed forces!!! Am I awake???? And oh hold on, the infamous Imam Bukhari has endorsed this UPA government initiative!!

I mean brilliant. The UPA government (Congress in most cases, and Left front in others) is the truly (pseudo)secular in nature. The give Muslims reservation in Andhra. they support the reservation for Muslims in AMU. They support (including the Left) Bangladeshi Muslims living in Assam and Bengal. I mean they are the most tolerant of all political parties. Only this tolerance is for the Muslims and them alone.

The Indian Armed Forces is perhaps the only least corrupted of all government organisations and it is mainly due to the fact that they do not believe that religion matters. I remember Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians, all paying respect to Babaji on the Indo-China border in Sikkim. I remember everyone celebrating all festivals with equal fervor. I remember them saving loads of lives in all riots. Did anyone ever ask the religion of the soldier posted in Gujrat or Delhi? No. Coz we have faith.

This exercise only goes to show the political oppurtunism of the Congress led UPA government. Makes me feel puky!!