“Secular” Army!!

A religion based census of the armed forces!!! Am I awake???? And oh hold on, the infamous Imam Bukhari has endorsed this UPA government initiative!!

I mean brilliant. The UPA government (Congress in most cases, and Left front in others) is the truly (pseudo)secular in nature. The give Muslims reservation in Andhra. they support the reservation for Muslims in AMU. They support (including the Left) Bangladeshi Muslims living in Assam and Bengal. I mean they are the most tolerant of all political parties. Only this tolerance is for the Muslims and them alone.

The Indian Armed Forces is perhaps the only least corrupted of all government organisations and it is mainly due to the fact that they do not believe that religion matters. I remember Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians, all paying respect to Babaji on the Indo-China border in Sikkim. I remember everyone celebrating all festivals with equal fervor. I remember them saving loads of lives in all riots. Did anyone ever ask the religion of the soldier posted in Gujrat or Delhi? No. Coz we have faith.

This exercise only goes to show the political oppurtunism of the Congress led UPA government. Makes me feel puky!!







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