We have won!

.. and have kicked some Aussie ass along the way!!

The Indian team has proved to the Australian team, and a lot of other critics too, that Sydney was no flash in the pan, and that, hadn’t it been for the umpires, the series would now would be at a more interesting turn.

The fortunes swung a lot through out the match, but India maintained the upper hand for most of it, and did not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory for once.

I am so, sooooo happy!! Yay!!

Daily WTF

 “Batsmen usually say to each other ‘you take care of this bowler etc’. [In] this match the Indians might have to say ‘you take care of Bucknor, I will take care of Benson’.”

Ian Chappell on commentary during the final day of the Sydney Test following two doubtful decisions that went against India.

A wife walks into the lounge room where her husband is watching the match on television. “New Zealand is winning,” he says. She responds, “What, aren’t the umpires playing?”


PS: I was away to IIT Roorkee for campus recruitment. More on that and the events at the SCG later.

India Down Under

The Boxing Day Test at the historic MCG. And India playing Australia. If there is one country that gives Australia any competition whatsoever, despite rankings, it is India. And India haven’t done too badly for itself on the first day.

At 337 for 9, the Aussies find themselves in a rare situation. So complete has been their domination of the game that before this test, Gilchrist had not batted on the first day of a test for more than a year! If it was Ganguly in the first test of the last tour, it is Kumble this time with his first day 5-wicket haul.

Australia are not even on the back-foot, let alone being down. But they are in unfamiliar territories. A position they haven’t really been in for a long time.

Seems like we have an interesting second day’s play tomorrow!