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  • Lines of the day

    Chaos can be a positive thing. Chaos is inherently part of the creative act. To embrace creativity means you must also embrace chaos. Things don’t happen when everything is neat and “just so”. Creativity is all about distruption. The people who tell you that creativity is pain-free are liars. The people who tell you they’ve…

  • Simplify = Enrich

    From Gaping Void: Best ever!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day

    From Gaping Void: Sometimes no one can say it like Hugh.

  • Don’t turn your hobby into your job..

    .. says Hugh Macleod. I for one, agree whole heartedly. Think of it. You would have nothing to look forward to doing on the weekend. I might get as bad as your losing interest in both the job and the hobby. He quotes, When a man marries his mistress, he immediately creates a vacancy. ~…

  • Pilani Trip – 2

    During my Pilani trip, I happened to be in Sky for the farewell session of EDC – and the one for Vernon. I was so fucking depressed. He had joined EPC during my psentisem. Am I actually that old?? Gaping Void comes to the rescue!!