India in England

The Good: India in tests. Tendulkar, in sublime touch and his responses to the decisions against him, from the disbelief to the smile, priceless. Kevin Pietersen in the first test. Vaughn in the second. Kumble in the third, with the bat. Mascarenhas in the sixth ODI. Utthappa in the sixth ODI, even though many shots were pure luck. Monty’s fielding efforts. Ganguly giving Broad a piece of his mind.

The Bad: India in ODIs. Selection of Ajit Agarkar, some one give me one good reason. The on-field behaviour of both India and England. Indian batting in the final ODI.

The Ugly: Indians on the field. The umpiring. The series has to be the best case for increasing the use of technology in cricket. These umpires could are no Dickie Birds. Dravid’s captaincy – only thing that came close to the umpiring. Matt Prior behind the wickets. Powar, all times except when he bowled, and if I may ask, what’s with the hairband? Paul Collingwood, after his runout, in the sixth ODI. Yuvraj, with the ball, in the sixth ODI.

For a better article on use of tech, go here. And if you are generally fed up of India’s dismal performance in cricket maybe this will cheer you up.

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Rocking at the Oval

The Indian team is already on a roll in the third test at the Brit Oval.

Imagine India winning test series outside the subcontinent without any century, without any significant contribution from Rahul “the Wall” Dravid (this is the one off thing in a long long time). This is so interesting. Everyone has done his bit and Dhoni has played magically to take the English bowlers to the cleaners.

Even Kumble has come up with a half century. Keep rocking guys!

Update: Hats off to Kumble for his first Test century, the most faithful soldier to Indian cricket.

Some updates

I have been terribly busy over the past few weeks and the next couple are not going to be any different. Meanwhile, here are some tidbits from the recent past.

  • Came across an interesting mail from Anu Vaidyanathan, the interesting bit being her mail signature. Her designation at PatNMarks is “CEO and Chief Herder of Cats“. Very nice.
  • India has kicked some serious British ass in the Trent Bridge test. I now hope that India go on to win the series and Zaheer Khan sends the English team some jelly beans.
  • The reaction of Ganguly at being give out, caught behind, was priceless. Also, judging by his looks in dressing room, I am guessing that Simon Taufel and he are not going out for dinner sometime soon.