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  • Rajneeti: The Review

    The Good: The pace – the movie moves quickly and doesn’t feel dragged except for parts of the second half. Having said that some scenes could be removed and others extended for more impact. Nana Patekar – wish he had some more meaty scenes!! Btw, same goes for Naseeruddin Shah – would have loved to…

  • Random Notes

    Some random notes from the extended weekend I am enjoying. Andrew Symonds is an idiot. Why would you call another player a “lump of shit”? That too on air. That too when you take offense at someone calling you a monkey. And that comment about Hayden’s wife. Funny, but not done!! Slumdog Millionaire is a…

  • Daily WTF

    The review of the movie Go. I am willing to bet that Manish Srivastava and Morgan are not going on a lunch anytime soon.