General Post

According to the Met department, it has been the quickest the Monsoon has hit the Indian Capital in more than a century. Well, I don’t know the weather record, but the rains have sure made for the best summers in this part of the country in many many years for me..

Anyways, this weekend has been especially wet and very very nice. Sunday morning and the Gurgaon skyline resembled the Darjeeling weather. I have been using the DSLR a little more nowadays and the extra time this morning gave me a chance to experiment with it.

Clicked a few snaps but this is the personal favourite. Comments welcome 🙂

Things on my desk

We have shifted from our original location to a newer and uninhabited island of a place. Anyways, wanted to write down what is on my desk at the moment.

  1. A photograph of a girl jumping on a beach from Chromasia – with Floyd’s “Learning to Fly” on it
  2. ClocksColdplay
  3. Calvin & Hobbes
  4. Snap of STAR-PLUS at Indijoes (a lovely restaurant on Airport Road) in Bangalore just before the Rehman concert (which is another amazing story)
  5. Something there is that doesn’t love a wall – Akanksha
  6. Hugh Macleod
  7. IfRudyard Kipling
  8. DaffodilsWilliam Wordsworth
  9. Mending WallRobert Frost
  10. Sabka Katega – bodhiTree

Other than these I have a laminated copy of a Charles Swindoll saying and some work related stuff.