The selfish gene wins

Little did I realise when I started reading The Selfish Gene a couple of days back that Mr. Dawkins would be the man of the year 2006.

You can read a very interesting piece by him on God, titled “Why There Almost Certainly Is No God” here.

Meanwhile you can also check out the computer config on the top of my wishlist here. Only if someone could replace the Quad G5s with Quad-Quad Core Intels 🙂

Google Wishlist

Following this wishlist from Pandia fellows, I came up with one of my own. So what do I want from Google in 2007. Here you go:

  1. Allow comments on all official Google blogs and answer them.
  2. Keep up the work on Google Patent Search. Expand coverage, jurisdictions and search options. Maybe add intelligent assignee optimizer and show related news. Something like Google Finance.
  3. Advanced search operators.
  4. Search result RSS feed.
  5. Powerpoint equivalent on Google Docs. (Think. Rather Thinkfree)
  6. Better Google Books.
  7. Better Blogger. Rather close Blogger and adopt WordPress.
  8. Mashup between all Google search tools (Websearch, blog search, patents, etc) and Google Docs (spreadsheets).
  9. A functional and effective GDrive.
  10. Stop launch of any new services till all products are out of beta.

And did I forget the Google India Blog??