Heart broken!

I had promised myself that I was not gonna be sad over India’s exit from the WC. But I don’t think it is working. I know the money crazed cricketers are not be blamed, they are in the game for it. The irony of the situation was the Pepsi WC Cola ad, and the (I think) Reebok ad, with cricket is all that matters crap, just when India was staring at defeat against Bangladesh.

I wish I wasn’t disappointed. I wish I could say it is just a game. But I still do feel cheated. Dil hai ki maanta nahi!!

World Cup Memories – ‘92

Aparajith writes here about his memories of the 1992 Benson and Hedges Cricket World Cup. Here is what I remember most about that tournament.

  1. Miandad jumping up and down – mimicking Kiran More’s appeal.
  2. Crowe and Greatbatch batting for NZ.
  3. Dipak Patel opening the bowling for NZ.
  4. The ridiculous 21 off 1 ball for SA – it broke so many hearts.
  5. Jonty’s dive to run out Inzamam.
  6. Last, but not the least, an emotional Imran’s (not so great) speech at the presentation where he forgot all his teammates.

What do you remember?