India loses Mumbai Test

Sachins 132nd. Dravids 100th. Dravid captain till 2007. Join the Dravid Fan Club. A few highlights of the Mumbai test. Oh, forgot one. India loses Mumbai test by 212 runs!!!

This is not a Dravid bashing post but highlights his failures. Going in a test with 5 bowlers an you opt for batting second?? Inexplicable (But thats a team decision right!! I think someone should answer, Chappel may be). Droppping catches like crazy (teams problem). India dropped no less than 15 catches in the slip cordon alone Now what has Dravid got to do with it. Oh, did I mention he dropped 5 of those (but he also took the great ones)? And Dravid is a good slip fielder. Again Yuvraj left many in the silly point position (not Dravids fault), but persisting with him there (I guess who is to blame). Not having Sachin in slips for consultation, and Sachin is a good slip fielder (someone is to blame).

Dravid is a great batsman, perhaps the best India has produced in a long time. But he is no match for Ganguly as a captain. And please I am a Dravid fan. Not a Chappel one though.

 Meanwhile something to cheer 🙂







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