Yesterday Once More

Deja Vu!! 

Sonia “hurt” Gandhi (man she keeps getting hurt, doesn’t she) is a true Gandhi (dismiss the Parliament and make an ordinance e.g, Emergency and Shah Bano) and a great politician. One more “tyag”. I can just imagine the burden the nation bears due to the number of sacrifices she has made for it. Unimportantly, this one comes when she was almost about to lose her LS seat due to a Congress tactic going horribly wrong. And she is suposed to have called the BJP bluff. She is indeed a Mahan lady. Lets us all bend (over) in front of her.

Meanwhile, a pinko senior leader Nilotpal Basu (Who??? I am from Bengal as a matter of fact) says “We know what the BJP did with the Constitution in Gujarat“. Yeah, so we should all go ahead and do something equally good. Shouldn’t we.

By the way, if I am not mistaken arent’t SP and CPI supposed to be getting all cosy and trying to form a Third Front (to fight communal forces), Congress and CPI are baying for each others blood in Kerela and SP in the meanwhile is supporting the Congress in the centre. I (inspired by Einstein) don’t understand three things in the world. Women, Taxes, and the most of all, Indian politics.






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