Feeling ‘haute’!!

If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.
~ Anatole France

Which proves that the 500+ bums sitting in that place called the Indian parliament are what they are. Dumbasses.

Meanwhile, the Govt of Maharastra, decided to probe the wardrobe malfunction that made Ms. Gracias cry on the shoulders of a co-model. Ms. Carol was however of the view that such events are common in the business. It has completed the enquiry (talk about short turn around time) and arrived at the conclusion that it was, indeed, a malfunction and not an attempt for cheap publicity. Mr AN Roy does have a "hard" work to do along with the Govt which decided to use the sparse police force to conduct such important enquiries at such short notice. I mean those deaths/suicides of the farmers are a common happening.

Also, in news that the two Koreas are fielding a unified team for the Beijing Olympics 2008. Ah, for once I started thinking about a unified Indo-Pak cricket and hockey teams and how it would then kick the Ozzie ass in both sports.







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