Bits and pieces

Lots hasn't been happenning. But contained below are a few pieces I wanted to write about.

1. Casanova sucks – Always thought that being Casanova required something special in the person like charisma and behaviour and a way with the ladies. Seems it doesn't!! Rejoice all geeks!! This yuccky movie suggests that it has to only do with how well is someone physically endowed!! Crappy movie. Avoid at all cost.

2. India lost to Pakistan – One more game left. Let's see if India can bounce back. Also Indian management (if there is one) has decided to give Sehwag and Kaif a break. Sachin has taken a break from WI ODI series and players are complaining of burn outs. And why are we having those matches in Abu Dhabi again?

3. Dr. Rajkumar (kidnapped once by late Verrappan) passed away and his fans burnt down stuff in Bangalore, resulting in a very-long weekend.

4. Also I turned 23 last weekend. Hmm!! I feel old.

5. A piece of shayari I read here.

haalaat ke tiiron se chhalnii hain badan apne
paas aao ke siine ke kuch zakhm to bhar jaayein

simtii huii yeh ghadiyaan, phir se naa bikhar jaayein
is raat mein ji lein hum, is raat mein mar jaayein

ab subhaa naa aa paaye, aao yeh duaa maangein
is raat ke har pal se raatein hi ubhar jaayein



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