Champions Trophy – Ind vs Aus

I love Geoff Boycott for three things. HIs love for Dada ;), his accent and his kick ass comments. Ruddy balls and a nothing shot. Here is a piece from Siddharth Vaidyanthan (Cricinfo), in almost similar tone, taking pot shots at the injury Yuvraj has picked up before the all important India-Australia match. Check it out here.

Cricinfo – ‘There will be no excuses’ – Ponting

Best part:

Typing in kho-kho gives you 3,040,000 search results on Google. “Ancient Indian sport”, “running and chasing”, “chariot race in the Mahabharata”. Crucially, “it does demand physical fitness, strength, speed, stamina, and a certain amount of ability”. Yuvraj can’t be faulted for the first four attributes, after injuring himself this morning, but maybe he was a bit short on ability.

Ponting admitted Australia were “desperate” to win the Champions Trophy. Can India go on to stop them? Sri Lanka and Pakistan couldn’t stop their respective opponents and if India end up losing tomorrow, it will be the first time in 31 years – since the 1975 World Cup – that a subcontinent team has failed to make the semi-finals of a major tournament. Maybe they need to start mastering kho-kho.

But I do wish that Sachin kicks some serious Aussie ass.







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