Google Docs Rocks!


First trial of the Google Docs . Seems to be working perfectly. Only if they allowed a document to be edited in the print layout format. That would allow more control over the formatting and see exactly what the final print would look like, right when you are working on the document.

Points I like about it:

  1. Clean and neat interface, no cluttered tool bar
  2. Ability to export as PDF
  3. All MS Word short cuts work as they should
  4. Collaboration option
  5. Inserting comments, symbols and tables
  6. Of course, the Google tag 🙂

Points I dislike about it:

  1. Cannot be used on a slow Internet connection (like the one I have at home)
  2. No print layout 🙁
  3. No options of inserting tables

Overall I think that the product is a sure shot winner. I am very pleased with the final product. Google, keep rocking guys!! Oh, by the way, this post was composed directly from within Google Docs and from my home. One oddity however, when I posted it from Google Docs (Writely) it was posted on my blog with a time stamp of tomorrow (Jan 08) and after 4 hours of posting it.






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