Parzania – A review

It is such a shame that two movies based on the same similar events, Gujrat killings communal riots and the trauma that follows, at different times, get released together, just because of the ruling party. Parzania – made during the Congress rule got released immediately without Censor cuts while Black Friday, made at time a BJP led government ruled the country, will get released in a couple of weeks. Anyways, it is not a rant about that. After all hasn’t each government abused its power in such cases to impact the fortunes of the movies.

Parznia is an exceptionally well made movie. Directed by little known Rahul Dholakia it explores the misfortune of a Gujrati Parsi family during the Gujrat riots. The movie stars Naseeruddin Shah as Cyrus, (the oh-so-beautiful eyes) Sarika as Shernaz, Corin Nemec as Allan, Parzan Dastur as Parzan and Pearl Barsiwala as Dilshad. The movie attempts to chronicle the pain, anguish and post-riot trauma faced by these people and many more.

It is an extremely well paced movie and goes about the job of telling the story in a no-nonsense manner. The character development and build up is excellent. Halfway you are left ashamed at being part of a country where politicians can manipulate people to kill each other and they still get elected despite everyone knowing the truth. Maybe we guys deserve this. Maybe it is because we do not take active interest in what is happening around us.

Nasseruddin Shah has only grown on me, be it Being Cyrus or Parzania. The one person I discovered in the movie is the still so gorgeous, natural and extremely talented Sarika. The place the part of Shernaz to perfection and with minimum fuss. Her last dialogue in the movie did leave most women in the theatre crying and even me moist eyed. She is very natural as an actress and plays her part with minimum fuss. Another highlight of the movie is how the entire thing is narrated through the character of Corin Nemec. He plays his part to perfection and one feels that he may have been under-utilised in the movie.

The movie gets a rating of 4.5/5.0 from me. Go spend money on it rather than some dumb love stories.

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Update: I am sorry about the confusion regarding Black Friday. It is based on the Mumbai riots and not on Gujrat riots. Also, I am on the featured list on Desicritics 🙂






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