This is the brilliant song sung by the now-seen-in-every movie, yet brilliant, Amitabh Bacchan. I personally know some one who wouldn’t be complaining at all.

The movie is Nishabd, apparently the RGV’s version of Lolita. Anyways, I liked the song and am posting the part of the song I really loved.

कुछ गाऊं तो याद आते हो
गुनगुनाऊं तो याद आते हो
कुछ पेहनू तो याद आते हो
कहीं जाऊं तो याद आते हो
कुछ खोने पे याद आते हो
कुछ पाऊं तो याद आते हो

Brilliant lyrics and song. Go check it out.

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