Online Shopping Blues!

I have finally received the book. Shipped in perfect condition, but just a little late. But I have lost faith and I am not ordering important stuff off Indiaplaza.

I hate! Stupid people. Definitely my worst online shopping experience ever. You guys suck! I wish I could Avada Kedavra you.

I had ordered the final edition of Harry Potter some ages back and they have not yet delivered my book . I am furious and angry. On top of all this, they do not take calls, and their support has not been responding since morning.

Also, the last book I had ordered through them – Excel 2003 VBA – was delivered in 17 days. Can you frickin’ imagine that!!

I think I want to kick some ass. But the problem is, whose?

Can someone provide me with any other number to call them on? 080-41303030 does not work.

Indiaplaza has mailed back with the shipping details and it seems that I should be getting the book today. Also, they have sent me a Rs. 100 gift voucher, for filling some feedback form, and I am sure I am going to provide some feedback for the last two books I purchased.





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  1. Akanksha Avatar

    well.. u know.. i got mine really early this morning..soon after it was released.. nd all i had to do as roll out of bed n roll a li’l more 😀 more after i finish reading 😉

  2. Ankit Avatar


    Even i havent got mine..really frustrated…just surfing the web for fellow-sufferers! 🙁

    @ akanksha – lucky you!

  3. Ojas Avatar

    any need to order online! You could’ve walked into landmark/spencers and ordered a copy there. They have faster delivery, and lots of free gifts for early birds.

    Anyway, all the best to you brother.. lets hope you get the book very soon.

  4. ankit Avatar

    yeah..i got tired of waiting for indiaplaza too…but got it from a bookstore [for someone else] and have read it..but for all those waiting, monday it shud be delivered i guess 🙂 … or best thing is go to bluedart office and make a pleading case 🙂 take some identity proof – they might just hand over the package!!!

  5. Akanksha Avatar

    the price you pay for thoughtlessly worshipping technology (nd in some cases for disrespecting pietersen’s game.. grr..).

  6. goyal Avatar


    I am so jealous about the book and yes, I do worship technology but will be a little more cautious in the future about such things. And I did not disrespect Pietersen. Even if it was the Don on 399 against India, I would have prayed that he fell on the next ball. And I think your anger worked. Raikkonen retired in the race, Alonso beat Massa and Sachin was given a pathetic decision by that stupid Steve Bucknor.


    I had written a strongly worded email to Indiaplaza for not responding to calls on Saturday. I have gotten a reply with mailing details, saying the book would reach latest by Tuesday, but that does not make up for the delay. But I guess I can wait for another day.


    My bad – too much faith on technology.

  7. Deb Avatar

    I absolutely hate too. They are unashamedly scamming customers of their hard earned money with false deals. God only knows how a reputable media house like The Hindu has tied up with them. I got scammed of Rs. 500 by subscribing for their Book Club Membership. For further details read my review at

    Stay away from at all costs!!!

  8. Goyal Avatar

    Hi Deb,

    The above mentioned incident is the only bad experience I have had. I have ordered books worth close to 5k from it, and have had a pretty good experience so far. I think I would recommend them.

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