Indiaplaza – the saga continues

Here is the response from the Indiaplaza team to my email:

Dear Amit Kumar Goyal,

I understand your feelings and I regret for the long time delay in delivering your order ####.

As the issue has not been resolved at the specified time duration, I have escalated this issue to our higher authorities.

We would track on this issue on priority and have the issue resolved soon.

I once again request you to bear with us for the extra time taken.

Warm Regards,
Indiaplaza team

Here is my reply:

Hi Narinder & Shazia & Anthony & Kannan,

You guys rock!! Thanks for escalating this. I am at a new level of customer satisfaction (I must control my emotions else I might die of happiness). They have escalated my problem. God – how can you be so kind and shine your light on me?? I thought we were waiting for Judgement Day for this to be done.

By the way – can we decide on when we could follow my list of steps (see email below). Its ok if you guys want to take it up next year, or the year after, or whenever you think you will be able to “track on this issue on priority”.

And no – you don’t understand how I feel about you guys. And no – you don’t regret the situation. And no – I don’t want to bear with you, but then I don’t have a choice, do I??

I know the book is still not going to be delivered, but what the heck, humor yourself folks.

Best regards,

The beginning.

Indiaplaza Sucks!

This is a copy of the email I sent to Indiaplaza today.

Hi Narinder & Shazia & Anthony,

Your customer service just blows me away!!

Thanks for the brilliant work. You guys haven’t obviously delivered the book till today. That after you guys called me on Monday and assured me that the book would be with me on Wednesday!!

And I was unceremoniously put on hold for 20 minutes when I called up today (again – I have spent more than Rs. 50 on calls to your clueless helpdesk so far).

I think, and correct me if I am worng, that you guys have no clue of how online shopping works. The sensible thing to do was to ship me another copy (Wow! See – this ain’t rocket science), while you checked what happened to the original.

Here is what I want – and I hope you guys understand – so I have put it in simple steps:
1. Cancel the (damn) order. I have bought the book.
2. Refund me my money – that seems to be the fair thing to do.
3. Pay me the interest on the my money – I would like it, even if it is in paise. You can decide the interest rates.
4. You know what – I will not ask you to refund my money I spent on calling you, and since this is not America, I can not sue you for mental anguish. Actually – I can not sue you for anything – I am sure you have imdemnified yourself against it by your T&C. And really I don’t care. If you want, give me my money back, else you can go have a pizza for the same amount.
5. Grow up and learn how to do business!!!

Best regards,

It’s like deja vu..

Some people never learn. Wait I am talking about myself.

After the pathetic experience I had with Indiaplaza the last time around, I had virtually decided that I would not be using them for buying books. But then I forgot the lesson learnt, and ordered Montauk’s “How to Get Into the Top MBA Programs” – apparently a must read for all MBA applicants. Anyways, that was almost 10 days back I have still not received the book.

Though the fault this time lies with the courier service, their customer help desk remains clueless as ever. Here is the response I got from them after complaining mid last week.

I apologize for delay in delivery of the ordered book ‘How To Get In To Top Mba Programs’ placed under order ###. I request you to provide us more 2-3 working days so that we will check with the courier and deliver the book to you. We will try not to commit this mistake in your future orders.

Try not to?? Are you guys fricking kidding me??

Online Shopping Blues!

I have finally received the book. Shipped in perfect condition, but just a little late. But I have lost faith and I am not ordering important stuff off Indiaplaza.

I hate! Stupid people. Definitely my worst online shopping experience ever. You guys suck! I wish I could Avada Kedavra you.

I had ordered the final edition of Harry Potter some ages back and they have not yet delivered my book . I am furious and angry. On top of all this, they do not take calls, and their support has not been responding since morning.

Also, the last book I had ordered through them – Excel 2003 VBA – was delivered in 17 days. Can you frickin’ imagine that!!

I think I want to kick some ass. But the problem is, whose?

Can someone provide me with any other number to call them on? 080-41303030 does not work.

Indiaplaza has mailed back with the shipping details and it seems that I should be getting the book today. Also, they have sent me a Rs. 100 gift voucher, for filling some feedback form, and I am sure I am going to provide some feedback for the last two books I purchased.