Best Oasis Speech..

.. ever was delivered by Sunit Rikhi during the Oasis 2k7 inaug. It is brilliant. I am just quoting some lines below.

Hur vartmaan pal mein apna ateet dhoondta hoon
Tum subke khoobsoorat chehroan mein, mein apna chehra doondhta hoon

You can download the entire speech below [Word Doc].

Sunit Rikhi – Oasis 2k7 Speech






2 responses to “Best Oasis Speech..”

  1. Sunit Rikhi Avatar
    Sunit Rikhi

    How kind of you to characterize the words from my heart the way you did. I am speechless. Thank you for this warm gesture. [email protected]

  2. Goyal Avatar

    Hi Sunit,

    Thanks for the heart warming speech. I think that in a single speech you have captured the essence of the way all BITSians feel post-BITS.

    Ever since I have been out (2.5 years seems extremely long to me), I have always wanted to go back and live that life once more. I went there a few weeks back, and you know what – it did not feel like I had been away for so long. I slept at a friends room, and when I woke up, it was like I belonged there.

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