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Don’t turn your hobby into your job..

January 11, 2008 - Posted in Philosophy Posted by:


.. says Hugh Macleod. I for one, agree whole heartedly. Think of it. You would have nothing to look forward to doing on the weekend. I might get as bad as your losing interest in both the job and the hobby. He quotes,

When a man marries his mistress, he immediately creates a vacancy.

~ James Goldsmith. Read more here.


Rhiannon 12 years ago

Agreed!!!!! Fully !!!! 🙂
That’s a reason, I limit my dancing in front of the mirror to weekends only!!! 😀
Lol, how are you doing? You going to Pilani….:) Great!!!
Next time when you are going home, Ping me…….I can not see my dream of visiting Darjeeling once and to your place too 🙂 being wasted like that……
Kabhi delhi aa raha hai weeknd pe to batana, milenge!!!! c ya 🙂 and yes, Take care


Goyal 12 years ago

I must say I am relieved 😉 Dancing while drafting would not have been pretty!

Anyways, I might go to Pilani, bright chances, not confirmed though. And I am going home during Holi. Let me know if you have any plans.

I am in Delhi for most weekends. Was there yesterday for the Auto Expo. Do let me know when you are free. How about next weekend?


ankur 12 years ago

nice quote =)


Goyal 12 years ago


Hugh Macleod is a God. You should subscribe to his blog, that is, if you don’t already. Btw, nice blog you guys have got going.


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