Logic vs Emotion

Surprisingly, this is something that I have discussed with two different people in the last 24 hours.

One thing that an engineering college education does to you is make you very emotionally inadequate. All we can do is think logically, brushing aside all emotions, and makes us quant jocks in real life too.

I was discussing the unfortunate death of Dr YSR Reddy, the AP CM, with a classmate who believed that all this state mourning and shutting down the state for a day was not logical. While I agree with the logic, I am not so much in sync with the emotional aspect of it.

Some people do believe that protocols are unnecessary, and a burden on the state exchequer. While I agree that some protocols are useless, some of them are required. We need to show some respect for people who work for the society and the country. Agreed that not a lot of them do it out of compassion, but who decides that?

The second discussion I had was the validity of Intellectual Property Rights, specially in the Pharmaceutical industry. While I agree that IPRs are an essential part of the industry and required to spur innovation, there is something fundamentally broken with the role they play in the pricing of drugs.

Would you rather not a sell a drug in a nation because you are making a lower profit or would you rather save a life? Isn’t the huge profit margins you make in some nations good enough to subsidize some losses in the less fortunate countries? Also, if a company decides not to sell a drug at an affordable price in a certain country facing an epidemic, is the government flawed in its decision to grant a compulsory license?

I guess these questions have no right answers. See what aspect sways you more and take that way is the right thing to do I guess.

As Captain Teague says in the last edition of Pirate of the Carribean, “It’s not just about living forever, Jackie. The trick is still living with yourself forever.

The Pilani Trip – Part II

Continued from Part I

The tow guy, for some wierd reason, decided to land up at Churu instead of Jhunjhunu. By now Jeete was max frustrated and decided to take a nap while Ankit, Sudeep and I soaked into an episode of Nach Baliye. Despite the fact that I officially despise all reality shows, I could not stop staring at the chick who choreographs Baichung Bhutia. Cute. Anyway, the  guy arrived by around 1:30 and took the i10 away. We quickly loaded all our stuff into the Alto and sped towards Pilani with haste.

Since we were all hungry, we decided to make a pit stop at the famous dhaba. Despite being a nice Saturday afternoon, the Dhaba wore a deserted look. We quickly ordered some chicken, magnet (cheese tomato), and dal tadka. The food wasn’t the greatest ever, or perhaps we it just tasted better when you had to survive on mess food. Sadly, there was no beer to accompany the food. And the sight of rats feeding on the stuff in kitchen did reduce our apetite after all. Jeete could not finish his chicken and we had to get almost half of it packed.

The sight of the road leading up to the BITS entrance recharged all our batteries and we had a sense of renewed vigor and stamina. I have felt this strange feeling everytime I step on the BITS campus to sign on the entry register, but this time it was different because I knew there will be no more trips for another year. We headed straight to Sky since we did not have keys to the Alumni Home rooms and Bansal was out networking with a few people.

Also, Ojas, Pappu and Bikini were already there. I ordered an orange juice with ice and decided to lay down on the soft grass. It was a batch snap day and the Sky was unusually crowded, not that it effected us anyway. After spending some time there, Jeete and Bikini decided to head up to the music club and we tagged along. A lot of memories kicked in for the folks and Jeete and Bikini did try their hands at playing with the new guys, and the Bikini even sang “With or Without You”. The current clubbers treated us to some of their self composed stuff, and these guys are seriously talented. Keeping rocking guys 🙂

Ankit and Sudeep headed to a Dance Club practice and apparently taught them some steps too. Way to go guys!! Meanwhile, the rest of us headed to the SAC and watched a robotic football match – the guys have seriously come a long long way. After this Bikini and I headed back to Sky to have a small session with Pappu and we were joined by Ojas, Bansal and Dev in some time.

I must note here that this was the longest ever time between reaching Pilani and heading to C’Not. After the pit stop at Pappu’s, we headed quickly to C’Not and got our asses seated in front of Blue Moon. After this followed one of the most amazing sessions there. There was a lot of music, booze, and reminiscing. I had with me half of STAR-PLUS. Add to that Bikini, Pappu, Ojas, Kanika, Modi, Mama, and many more. It was like we cared about no one else. I was shouting (read singing) at the top of my voice. There was lot of plucking of the guitar by Bikini, Jeete, and some junior who was playing really well. We also ragged a couple of guys. Well not really. Just got them to give their intros.

I have really spent a lot of quality time at C’Not with Chimpu and I will really miss the guy. You are an amazing person, and I hope you always remain the same.

Next stop – ANC. After some maggi, dosa and few other things, I was really nostalgic, and wanted to take a walk around the campus. Dev and I headed off while the guys stayed back at the ANC. When we returned, Chimpu was there. After some chit chatting, Chimpu had to head home (it was 2 in the night). We hung around for some more time, before I decided that I need to sleep. I hadn’t had much sleep over the past couple of days, and really needed some rest.

We (Jeete, Bansal, Sudeep, and I) woke up around eight in the morning and headed to Dev’s place for meeting Uncle and Aunty, and some yum breakfast. We also dumped some songs from his Comp on to the USB stick. After that we picked Ankit and headed to the UCO redi for some more breakfast. Jeete wanted the music of DevD and I wandered into the hostel and got it from the DC++ from some random dude’s room. Also, Bansal finally had had a fill of his chikoo shake while I gorged on some delicious kela rabdi.

Ankit wanted to head off to Delhi all by himself, and while Bansal went to drop him off we packed stuff and got ready for another adventure. When Bansal returned, he was ambushed by Subji who asked him not to follow his path, tummy wise.

After saying bye to Chimpu, we quickly headed for Sikar. Collected the i10 and paid equally for the towing and the broken clutch plate. Also got the Alto repaired for like 20 bucks. We had lunch at a pretty shady place, but the beer made it worthwhile.

After this, around 3, we split up, Sudeep and Bansal in the Alto, and Jeete and I in the i10 and started back on a long long journey. The way back was through Neem ka Thana to Kot Putli which joined the Delhi-Jaipur highway (NH8). Midway through the journey I switched places with Bansal and teamed up with Sudeep. 

The drive was nice, trouble free, and the road was very, very scenic. However, it got interesting as soon as we joined the NH8. There was a lot of traffic and we (Sudeep) did a lot of high octane driving with lot of inputs from the wingman (read me).

We reached Gurgaon at 10 and after dumping off our luggage at home, headed to Rred (stupid numerology) Hot Cafe for food. The food was good and we were all happy about coming for it.

Now that I look back at it, the whole trip seems so crazy. However, I thoroughly enjoyed every damn moment of it. Here is to the journey and many more like this, with less breakdowns though 🙂

And here are the places we visited.

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Loving what you do

I always believed that unless you are excited about doing something, you shouldn’t do it.

I have seen souls at work, who come at work everyday, work hard, and yet do not enjoy what they do. Don’t get me wrong. These are brilliant people, who produce the best output and put in a hundred percent. But they could be better. They could be superstars. But they are holding it back. They seem to content with just doing what is asked from them and being done at that.

For the past some time I have been trying to transfer some of what I have learnt during work to people who would be taking it forward in my absence. I am trying to do my best, and people are constantly bearing with me during the entire process. But not once could I feel their enthusiasm for it. They are doing it because they are required to do it, and not because they are interested in it. 

I miss the times when people wanted to do more. When people were excited.

Lines of the day

Chaos can be a positive thing. Chaos is inherently part of the creative act. To embrace creativity means you must also embrace chaos. Things don’t happen when everything is neat and “just so”. Creativity is all about distruption. The people who tell you that creativity is pain-free are liars. The people who tell you they’ve got a plan are liars. There is no plan. There’s just you, God and the need to invent. And this uncertain world is what most of us now find ourselves entering, willingly or otherwise.

Creativity equals chaos. Chaos equals creativity. Embrace it or die.

~ Hugh MacLeod – Why I’m Writing a Book