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Belated B’day

February 3, 2008 - Posted in Blog , Personal Posted by:

It was on Jan 31st, 2005 that I started writing this blog. Since then a lot has happened. I have moved from a blog to a self-hosted one. I have written more than 300 posts. There have been around 10k hits on my older blog and around 2k on this one.

However, I have still not been able to post in Hindi on the new blog. I want to spend some time redesigning it, but haven’t got around to doing that.

But the more important thing is that I have kept going. And I think that the thing that keeps me going is that I think I would want to come back later, and read about how I have felt over time. I am too lazy to write a diary, and I think this is much better and easier option. Here’s to many more to come. Cheers!

PS: If you do check my archives, you will also see a lot of posts dated before Jan 2005, but those are posts from our, i.e. STAR-PLUS,  older group blog at “East of Omaha“.


Ojas 12 years ago

Congratulations! Keep walking 🙂


Goyal 12 years ago

Thanks man 🙂


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