Raghu Dixit – Music Review

Got my Raghu Dixit CDs on Friday and have been listening to them ever since. Here is quick and dirty review. Overall, as a friend said, “They seem to be influenced a lot by Indian Ocean & Euphoria.”

  1. Hey Bhagwan – Nice song. Already had it and love it.
  2. Mysore se aayi – Feet tapping and fast paced song. Again I already had it and love it.
  3. Gudgudiya Sedi Nodo – The best song of the CD!! The song is fast and the lyrics very nice ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Ambar – I had first heard this song in Delhi, and the song has grown on me since.
  5. Khidki – Not that great musically, but nice lyrics.
  6. No man will ever love you like I do – Brilliant lyrics!
  7. I am in Mumbai – Brilliant song – last heard it in Pilani.
  8. Soruthudu Maniya Maligi – Slight blues effect on the song. Nice feel to it. Again, like Gudugudiya, attributed to Shishunala Sharif.

All in all, a very nice debut album. And a def must get considering it costs you only 180 bucks (including shipping).

However, I expected Har Saans Mein to be on the CD, and also it to focus slightly on other group members. I know Raghu is the man behind the band but they do deserve some space on the CD.

PS: Read the comment by Gaurav Vaz, bassist RDP, on the focus bit above in the comments section below. Also, check out his photoblog for some pretty cool snaps.






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  1. Akanksha Avatar

    true.. calling it The Raghu Dixit Project was a major put off.. he makes it seem its all about him.. he’s good no doubt.. but I can do without all the self obsession! Antaragni was so so so good.. I guess he cant continue with that name.. but sth else!!!!!!!! not Raghu Dixit!!!!!

  2. Gaurav Avatar

    Akanksha and Goyal – Thanks firstly for the kind words! I am Gaurav, the bass guitarist for ‘The Raghu Dixit Project’ and I certainly feel its my place to clarify a few things here.

    Its true that to an outsider, it looks like Raghu has been hogging all the limelight and that the rest of us in the band are not given our due share of attention, but the fact of the matter is that these songs you see on the album are songs that Raghu has written himself over the past 11 years that he has been singing. If you notice, due credit has been given to every single member who contributed to the album, but every band needs a face and the face for this band is Raghu because its his dream that got us together.

    His first attempt at a band ‘Antaragni’ ended in a lot of heartache for all involved and that caused the ‘Raghu Dixit Project’. It was meant to be an open house where any artist that would fit the sound of the band would come and play. And it did start that way and move to a place where a few regulars played in the ‘band’ and people came in as embellishments as needed. I think this is the model that will stay …

    The songs written after this lineup has been together have been more collaborative and not like the first album and the second album will reflect that.

    Sorry if I sound too preachy, but I thought it would be my place to clarify this after reading your reviews.

  3. Goyal Avatar

    Hi Gaurav,

    The post was not meant to accuse anyone of anything. I have personally met Raghu and talked to him for at least an hour when he came to BITS Pilani in ’04, and he is a wonderful guy.

    And I agree that these songs and the album is mostly Raghu’s effort. But still it does not hurt to get a couple of snaps of the entire band on the included booklet.

    But then again it is your choice, and if the band is cool about it, so be it. Just keep making the brilliant music and keep us rocking.

    By the way, any idea as to where/when can we lay our hands on to Har Saans Mein?


  4. Akanksha Avatar

    Its good if everyone’s chill about it within the band. That’s just the impression I got from outside.. Love the songs.. and love the photos on ur photoblog! Some ppl have it all !!!

    har saan mein har dhadkan mein ho tum… i’ve waited 3 yrs 4 months and 12 days.. and I still dont have the song!

  5. Ojas Avatar

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the album. Goyal: you have to lend it to me sometime soon. BTW calling it the Raghu Dixit project, imho, is not a bad idea. Reminds me of Alan Parson’s project.. besides Gaurav’s explanation sounds fair enough. In any case, music’s what matters to us : )

  6. Gaurav Avatar

    Har Saans Mein is scheduled to go into the next album! and it shall ๐Ÿ™‚ but there is a clip of us playing that song live – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKguRHs3NXc – I know it won’t be the same as having the song with you, but then you should make it a point to come to every gig! ๐Ÿ˜›

    The band is certainly chill about it and each of us doing much much more than just the music for the band and the ‘brand’ that it might soon become (lets hope !!)

    The issue with the snaps in the booklet is the whole plethora of musicians that have played on this album and it would be no justice leaving anyone out and not just the ones that recorded this album, the entire gamut of musicians that played with Raghu over the years have been innumerable! I know it sounds astonishing but its true!

    Anyway .. lets leave that be … for now, we need help with getting the music out as far as we can so do let us know if you guys can help with that and also let us know if we can do something we aren’t doing yet!

    Akanksha – I am humbled ๐Ÿ™‚ I am but an amateur at photography … there is a lot to do and a whole lot more to learn ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Goyal Avatar

    @Gaurav – Amateur or not, some snaps are just brilliant! And if you do have any gig in and around Delhi do let me know. Also, if Har Saans Mein is in your next album, when is it releasing?? For getting more known, I think you folks don’t do college circuit that much up in the North, and it would be helpful I think if you feature in DU Coll fests and some others. That said, all the people in my office are now hooked on to your music ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Ojas – Get the CD from me anytime. I could rip and mail, but I don’t think that would help the folks.

  8. ghurram Avatar


    this might be of help gaurav !!!

  9. Vijay Avatar

    @ Goyal – So you should convince your whole office and get them all to buy an album each, we will give a super discount and show up at the office next time for a private audience gig ; ) .. and this is vijay, the manager, shamelessly plugging in album sales !

  10. Vivek Avatar

    Hey guys!!! I’m a student at NIFT Bangalore where you guys rocked the show at our Spectrum fest 2007….. I’ve been a huge follower of urs ever since…. Raghu Dixit as the album name is a put-off, but as i talked to him for about an hour before the show, i completely respect his dedication to music.
    I would like to know as to how to lay my hands onto my fav track “Har saans mein har dhadkan mein ho tum”…..

  11. Goyal Avatar

    @ghurram – Thanks for the link. I think I also have the video of them performing the song at BITS, not very sure though.

    @Vijay – Would try and persuade the office folks to call you folks for the office gig. Now how can we discuss my share ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @Vivek – Lemme know in case you know how to ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Sudip Avatar

    This whole album has been a wait and a good hear! had heard of raghu over the cafes and private performance and college fests, but this album is a rocker!. truly said, such an effort is magnonimous in itself, and deserves an all hail. Amazing lyrics and music….after lucky ali, i found a voice that has so much to say…..great work all the folks behind the album!
    Music Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so keep it rolling it.

  13. Vijeeth Avatar


    I heard this name “Raghu Dixit” a lot of times from my friends till last year, but it was only last year that i got myself the tracks, and man.. arent they too good?

    I am someone who tries to find meanigns to songs,and all the songs here were full of meanings… I loved the kannada song… I am in mumbai waiting of a miracle has high energy level….

    Looking forward for the band 2nd Album

  14. shivaday Avatar

    boss can i get the lyris of this song?????
    i am dying to get it so that i can use it to send it across many people

  15. Goyal Avatar


    You can get the lyrics of the song on the website itself.


    Click on the forward button on the bottom of the home page.

  16. suren Avatar

    hello sir…u can see my comments often in all ur concern…Yes am became the biggest fan of u all crazy toooooo.ur concert @jipmer SPANDAN screeeewing we all.From tht night itself i was surfin for urs in net….hey bhagvan,khidki,anatarangini are the great numbers…..all the very best for ur tunes in bollywood,let all them drowned in ur waves…….specially convey congrats to ma fav drummer boy SHIVA he’s simply awesome… grt future u all……….bubyeeeee

  17. suhas Avatar

    wen is the next album releasing??
    cant wit 2 hear har saans mein …..

    1. Goyal Avatar

      @Suhas: No idea. You can mail Raghu and ask.

  18. elbert Avatar

    This isn’t good or bad. It’s just the way of things. Nothing stays the same.

  19. Ajay Avatar

    ur voice rocks….,ur style rocks…. All over totally damn awesome….. Ur my muziq boss…. N i love ur muzix…. Thanks 4 givin me such an awesome feel…..hats off…. I love guddiguddiya sedu noda… Am tryin 2 sing as u do… Love u a lot

  20. kiran Avatar

    hey i want “just math mathalli” kannada film songs lyrics…. can say me where i get them …. plz…….

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