Indiaplaza Sucks!

This is a copy of the email I sent to Indiaplaza today.

Hi Narinder & Shazia & Anthony,

Your customer service just blows me away!!

Thanks for the brilliant work. You guys haven’t obviously delivered the book till today. That after you guys called me on Monday and assured me that the book would be with me on Wednesday!!

And I was unceremoniously put on hold for 20 minutes when I called up today (again – I have spent more than Rs. 50 on calls to your clueless helpdesk so far).

I think, and correct me if I am worng, that you guys have no clue of how online shopping works. The sensible thing to do was to ship me another copy (Wow! See – this ain’t rocket science), while you checked what happened to the original.

Here is what I want – and I hope you guys understand – so I have put it in simple steps:
1. Cancel the (damn) order. I have bought the book.
2. Refund me my money – that seems to be the fair thing to do.
3. Pay me the interest on the my money – I would like it, even if it is in paise. You can decide the interest rates.
4. You know what – I will not ask you to refund my money I spent on calling you, and since this is not America, I can not sue you for mental anguish. Actually – I can not sue you for anything – I am sure you have imdemnified yourself against it by your T&C. And really I don’t care. If you want, give me my money back, else you can go have a pizza for the same amount.
5. Grow up and learn how to do business!!!

Best regards,







4 responses to “Indiaplaza Sucks!”

  1. Srini Avatar

    Sad to note that IndiaPlaza’s customer service is pathetic. Yes currently the online bookstores are largely on a price war and do not seem to be concentrating on more important aspects like customer service. Atleast if a book is not available, keeping the customer informed would go a long way.

    And the most dangerous thing for an online store is the potency of negative feedback like yours. So online stores have this obvious responsibility of keeping the customer informed as the customer doesnot have a store where he can drop by question the shop keeper!!

  2. Goyal Avatar


    I agree – I have been working in the Service Industry for about 3 years now, and I know how it is to be done. I think online shopping needs a major rework in India, and needs to be a combination of local depots in major cities, instead of one so that the shipping is quicker.

  3. Ashok Avatar

    Indiaplaza sucks big time, it is a dead website, no reply, no customer care, no delivery of product. Buy the product online and wait till eternity.

    Submit ticket and forget about reply, they never reply.

    You will never be able to connect via phone to them.

    I pass through the horrible experience.

    Dont believe just buy one product and see yourself

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