Indiaplaza – the saga continues

Here is the response from the Indiaplaza team to my email:

Dear Amit Kumar Goyal,

I understand your feelings and I regret for the long time delay in delivering your order ####.

As the issue has not been resolved at the specified time duration, I have escalated this issue to our higher authorities.

We would track on this issue on priority and have the issue resolved soon.

I once again request you to bear with us for the extra time taken.

Warm Regards,
Indiaplaza team

Here is my reply:

Hi Narinder & Shazia & Anthony & Kannan,

You guys rock!! Thanks for escalating this. I am at a new level of customer satisfaction (I must control my emotions else I might die of happiness). They have escalated my problem. God – how can you be so kind and shine your light on me?? I thought we were waiting for Judgement Day for this to be done.

By the way – can we decide on when we could follow my list of steps (see email below). Its ok if you guys want to take it up next year, or the year after, or whenever you think you will be able to “track on this issue on priority”.

And no – you don’t understand how I feel about you guys. And no – you don’t regret the situation. And no – I don’t want to bear with you, but then I don’t have a choice, do I??

I know the book is still not going to be delivered, but what the heck, humor yourself folks.

Best regards,

The beginning.






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