MBA Apping Update

The stock markets across the world continue to tumble, and I continue to toil with my applications. As the days go by, I get more and more jittery about the impact the slowdown might have on my future plans. 

I am done with applying to two of the five places I have finally shortlisted. One of the biggest criteria while choosing a BSchool was the availability of a loan with a co-signor. However, the slowdown has finally taken a toll. One of the schools I had shortlisted had to be removed because it could no longer assure a loan for international applicants. And sadly, one school I have already submitted my app for has just ended its loan program. This is beginning to sound ominous.

Not that I can do much about it now. The die is cast, and I am waiting patiently for the outcome.

Update: It seems to have gotten worst. Citibank has removed its “CitiAssist program from all of its schools for international students without a domestic cosigner.” So far on the list are: MIT-Sloan, Ross, SC Johnson.






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