MBA Apping

Admitted to ISB

Finally – the first admit!! Feels good. The smile hasn’t lessened since evening.

Piece of advice…

… to all you BSchools out there. If you have just denied me a place on your program, in all probablity I am not interested in joining some social network for applicants!┬áPlease, it hurts. Oh, and just so that you know, it cannot be approximately 324 people. It can be approximately 320, or 330. Not […]

The Numbers – 2

Waitlisted after interview – C Selected for interview – I Awaiting interview shortlisting – R Rejected without interview – M Rejected after interview – D

The Numbers

Inspired by Misra’s post here. Applications Submitted – 5 Denied – None (yet) Interview Invites – 2 Interviewed – 2 Waiting for updates – 3 I have one dream school left, but I don’t know if I will apply. And anyway, with the current loan scene, I don’t know if I will be able to […]

The agonizing moments!!

People who have apped to common schools have started getting interview invites. I on the other hand am getting no news, which, to say the least, is killing me!! There is some anticipation everytime I check email. Everytime I get some email containing the School’s name, usually some article related to the school, the heart […]