Piece of advice…

… to all you BSchools out there. If you have just denied me a place on your program, in all probablity I am not interested in joining some social network for applicants! Please, it hurts.

Oh, and just so that you know, it cannot be approximately 324 people. It can be approximately 320, or 330. Not 324 – from where did you round off, 323.69 applicants??

The Numbers

Inspired by Misra’s post here.

Applications Submitted – 5

  • Denied – None (yet)
  • Interview Invites – 2
  • Interviewed – 2
  • Waiting for updates – 3

I have one dream school left, but I don’t know if I will apply. And anyway, with the current loan scene, I don’t know if I will be able to afford a US School. But damn! I am so glad I at least got an interview invite 🙂 Huge thanks to all those who have helped.

Update: For the people interested in my apping status, I have made this post a sticky post and will continue to update this till the apping process gets over.

The agonizing moments!!

People who have apped to common schools have started getting interview invites. I on the other hand am getting no news, which, to say the least, is killing me!! There is some anticipation everytime I check email. Everytime I get some email containing the School’s name, usually some article related to the school, the heart beat doubles.

Any suggestions on how to keep this thing sane??