The agonizing moments!!

People who have apped to common schools have started getting interview invites. I on the other hand am getting no news, which, to say the least, is killing me!! There is some anticipation everytime I check email. Everytime I get some email containing the School’s name, usually some article related to the school, the heart beat doubles.

Any suggestions on how to keep this thing sane??






3 responses to “The agonizing moments!!”

  1. Akanksha Srivastava Avatar
    Akanksha Srivastava

    Yoga or the more exciting stuff should keep sane while you wait!

  2. sepulchritude Avatar

    Death metal. Full stop.

  3. Goyal Avatar

    @Akanksha – Will try out

    @Sep – Metal tried out, not too much into death metal though.

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