Shit happens. To us mostly.

Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangalore, Guwahati, Hyderabad. Again. And again.

Because we have a spineless government. Because we do not care. Because we don’t select the right people. Because the right people don’t want to get into the “dirty” politics.

I am ashamed of myself. I am ashamed of our government which released an official condemnation only today evening. I am ashamed that we have an toilet mop for a Home Minister.

My prayers are with those brave souls who have laid down their lives for us, with those who have lost someone, and those still in the mess.

I hope it ends soon. I hope that our security forces kill every last one of them terrorists. I hope no more innocent lives are lost. I hope.






2 responses to “Shit happens. To us mostly.”

  1. Rhiannon Avatar

    I agree!!

    I was glued to the T.V, till last minute to know what was happening and trust me, the ineptitude of the so called Government was making me mad!!

    Of all those people, who were condemning the situation, I felt the words (and that too with audacity) that Suhel Seth expressed at ‘Times Now’ – was something that should have been the voice of so many….

    But, guess the feeling of change is there….the 63% voting turn out to be historical for Delhi at least…..

    Time for a more ‘young’, vibrant, inspiring leaders – otherwise god knows how many 26/11 will keep on happening and the entire country will keep watching dumb-founded, being tormented at the hands of some 4th grade pass outs, barbaric, terrorists with no soul or religion!

  2. Rhiannon Avatar

    I also wonder if Raj Thackeray asked anyone – ‘If these terrorists were Maharashtrian or not’!!

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