It was the best hundred bucks I have spent in Mumbai so far.┬áThis morning I had to go to Nariman Point for some work, and while coming back to office, I decided to take a taxi instead of the local. I don’t really know why I did it, but it turned out to be a good decision in the end. The drive through Marine Drive, with overcast conditions, a gentle breeze blowing in from the sea, and the sight of pigeons flying around, was so soothing that it can’t be explained, just experienced. The driver didn’t talk, and just stared at the sea, the people, and the birds. Add to that the unusually low and silent traffic, and it was[…]

Random collection of notes from Mumbai. ## I love the fact that the city is always abuzz with activity. Be it the middle of the night, you will still find people on streets. Autos and taxis are not as difficult to get. A lot of food joints are open till very late. ## I love the fact that autowallahs travel by meter. If you have ever been in Delhi you would know what this means. There is no haggling over price, and they do not take you through a convoluted way. The latter of course is the result of the structure of the city which does not allow too much change in the routes. ## I love that Parul can[…]

… but I am left wondering why is everyone so obsessed with the Mumbai aspect of the recent terrorist attacks!! Facebook is full of people whose status messages about “my city is under attack”. However, and maybe it is just me, not many had “my country is under attack”. And even though I don’t agree with Achutanandan’s response to a martyr’s father, why does this man feel that his son only belongs to Kerela? PS: This is not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Just a general wonderment. I have great respect for the amazing people who laid down their lives for us, and I am sad for the people who lost their lives, and their loved ones.

Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangalore, Guwahati, Hyderabad. Again. And again. Because we have a spineless government.┬áBecause we do not care. Because we don’t select the right people. Because the right people don’t want to get into the “dirty” politics. I am ashamed of myself. I am ashamed of our government which released an official condemnation only today evening. I am ashamed that we have an toilet mop for a Home Minister. My prayers are with those brave souls who have laid down their lives for us, with those who have lost someone, and those still in the mess. I hope it ends soon. I hope that our security forces kill every last one of them terrorists. I hope no more innocent[…]