Faith restored!

There are millions out there who want to believe in God, and profess their love for the religion. However, they have always looked for excuses to not profess their love and faith. The ghosts of 1999 will, hopefully, finally be buried.

Yesterday, the God removed that final hurdle. Now those disbelievers will have no more excuses. You will not need to  have any more excuses to profess that cricket is your religion.

And no it is not that vulgar and obscene version. It is the pure and serene version that gives us the high like nothing else. Test cricket will for ever be my first love.

There are good batsmen, the Pontings and the Haydens. There are great batsmen, the Inzys and the Dravids. There are sublime bastsmen, Lara. But there is only one God – Sachin. He is the hope of millions. He is the man who comes closest to Atlas in the modern world. And he has not shrugged for nineteen very long years now. He is the heart beat of the Sydney crowd, who I think love him more than anyone in the current Aussie dressing room. He is the darling of millions across the world. He may not anymore be the wicket to be taken. But as long as he is out there, India believes.

I believe, and always have.





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