Tag: Sachin Tendulkar

  • We won!

          No words can describe how I am feeling right now!

  • The one that matters!

    I loved the way India played in this series. In the first test they showed that they had the balls! The fought back in a manner reminiscent of the Aussies of yore! Till the last wicket fell you Australia never gave up (remember those Steve Waugh innings?), and India seems to be learning that lesson, slowly but…

  • The Man, The Master, The Boy Wonder

    No one else has deserved any record any more!

  • Failed promises

    Failed promises – that is what the youngsters in the Indian team are. Not one young player, since Dhoni and Gambhir debuted in 2004, has kept the promise shown in the initial few matches. Ishant has been but a pale shade of the bowler who bowled that amazing over to Ponting during that awesome Oz…

  • Faith restored!

    There are millions out there who want to believe in God, and profess their love for the religion. However, they have always looked for excuses to not profess their love and faith. The ghosts of 1999 will, hopefully, finally be buried. Yesterday, the God removed that final hurdle. Now those disbelievers will have no more…