Loving what you do

I always believed that unless you are excited about doing something, you shouldn’t do it.

I have seen souls at work, who come at work everyday, work hard, and yet do not enjoy what they do. Don’t get me wrong. These are brilliant people, who produce the best output and put in a hundred percent. But they could be better. They could be superstars. But they are holding it back. They seem to content with just doing what is asked from them and being done at that.

For the past some time I have been trying to transfer some of what I have learnt during work to people who would be taking it forward in my absence. I am trying to do my best, and people are constantly bearing with me during the entire process. But not once could I feel their enthusiasm for it. They are doing it because they are required to do it, and not because they are interested in it. 

I miss the times when people wanted to do more. When people were excited.







4 responses to “Loving what you do”

  1. Arpit Avatar

    Goyale Machan..I can understand the pains with the Knowledge Transfer activities..part of life..move on and enjoy..I felt the same when I was leaving..

  2. Goyal Avatar

    @Arpit – I know I have to move on, but it sucks big time!!

  3. Ojas Avatar


    I concur


    PS: Unfortunately, I have started getting a feeling that even I belong to that group of people. And this wasn’t the case a few months back. no point discussing these things – but the lack of enthu in general kills me too.

  4. Goyal Avatar

    @Ojas – Sad but true…

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