Office 2010 – worth it??

Anyone who knows me decently well, knows my hatred for all things MS on one hand, and the extreme love for MS Office on the other. I think that Office is one of the most useful piece of software ever written. Anyway, the generous folks at MS were good enough to give me a copy […]

Sleepless in Hyderabad

Today will be my first night out at ISB. And from what I hear, it is definitely not the last one. And to imagine that it is only the second day of the third term!! How the rest of the term pans out is a scary thought!! Anyhoo. It seems that there is supposed to be […]

These are mad times we live in! Mad!

The scariest semester at ISB is upon us. Term 3 is expected to be one hell of a ride, with more than one submission due everyday, or so I hear. Hopefully I will live to tell the tales!! The term 2 break was used creatively. Completed the Comp Strat project report, and learned a lot about […]

Quarter life crisis

Term 2 at ISB got over yesterday. While walking back to my room, a friend remarked that everything was flying past so fast that she was afraid. Out of sheer (false in hindsight) sense of bravado, I remarked that she shouldn’t be afraid, and that it was expected. I don’t know how convinced she was, […]