Failed promises

Failed promises – that is what the youngsters in the Indian team are. Not one young player, since Dhoni and Gambhir debuted in 2004, has kept the promise shown in the initial few matches.

Ishant has been but a pale shade of the bowler who bowled that amazing over to Ponting during that awesome Oz trip. Sreesanth was moved more by movies and glam than cricket. About the batsmen, the lesser said the better. The Jadejas, Sharmas, Pathans, and Utthappas have just shown a lot of promise and then quietly faded away after an initial hoopla has subsided.

Not one player, other than Raina probably, has shown any sort of consistency. Yes they look good on the field on the occasional days that India fields well. Other than that you can’t depend on them for anything. And yes, we have given them enough chances. They just don’t have the balls to grab the opportunity and prove that they are good enough. Heck they even lack basic cricketing knowledge – Jadeja was a classic example today! What on earth was he running for?? As Jrod says,

Those were the ten dudes. A collection of shit hot batsmen who were made to look like dribbling fools compared to Sachin.

And I am just talking about the ODI team. I don’t even want to imagine what happens to the Test team when Sachin, Laxman, and Dravid retire, with Sehwag not too far behind.






4 responses to “Failed promises”

  1. Chaithanya Avatar

    man i completely agree with what u r saying…and at the end of the day there are people who have the guts to say that Tendulkar is not a match winner…he has served India handsomely…he is a true genius…

    1. Goyal Avatar

      @Chaithu: Sab saale useless hain. Hota toh hai nahi kisi se kuch bas bolna jaante hain ki youth le aao.

  2. Bhawna Avatar

    THe author of this article is atrue indian fan of Indian cricket and yes the cricketrs have disappointed us a LOT in the lat few matches, especially all the matches which they lost in this series are a goood example of our team’s poor planning and random erformance..

    1. Goyal Avatar

      @Bhawna: I am a huge fan. However, I don’t think it was poor planning, but the inability of the youth to stand up and get counted.

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