With love… From Mumbai!

Random collection of notes from Mumbai.

## I love the fact that the city is always abuzz with activity. Be it the middle of the night, you will still find people on streets. Autos and taxis are not as difficult to get. A lot of food joints are open till very late.

## I love the fact that autowallahs travel by meter. If you have ever been in Delhi you would know what this means. There is no haggling over price, and they do not take you through a convoluted way. The latter of course is the result of the structure of the city which does not allow too much change in the routes.

## I love that Parul can go to her house in an auto late in the night without us being worried about her. Again, Delhi walas would know what this means. The city is safe, no matter what time of the day it is. This again stems from the fact the city is always active.

## The Mumbai local – the lifeline of Mumbai. These things allow you to get from place A to B in the quickest and the cheapest way. There are people of all classes in it, right from an office boy to a high level exec. They all use it. I have still not gotten used to taking the same train everyday, but some people do. I saw a gang of people playing cards on one of them a number of times, and when I asked they told me that they all take the same train after work. The 7:14 to Borivali I think it was. Also, it’s amazing how they concept of private space exists in such crowded place. No one is peeking into what you are reading or tries to eavesdrop on your conversation. Having said that, it could have been much better done. The stations are a mess. No effort has been made to manage the number of people who use the local every day. Public services are absent and no effort has been made to streamline the flow of passengers.

## I hate the stench the city has. For someone who lands for the first time it’s very easy to detect. Even for someone with as little a sense of smell as me. And every morning as I take the train to work I can feel it.

## I hate the fact that Parul will not be here in another couple of months’ time. Same might be true for Sandy. In a place that can make you feel very lonely despite the crowd, these people will be sorely missed.

## I hate the crowd in Mumbai. The ‘gardi’ as they call it. It’s everywhere. From the train station to the malls. From food joints to coffee shops. Everything is crowded!

## Finally, I hate the fact that I can’t seem to get a place to live here. No one seems to be willing to rent out a decent place to bachelors. I would have seen at least 30 flats, and have been close to paying the deposit thrice. And yet, no luck! Meanwhile, I have happily stationed myself at Jeete’s place, but hope to get a place soon. Pray for me people!!

As for work, it’s a different experience altogether. It’s my first time at a place not full of engineers, but Pharma and Med grads. And most of them quite senior to me. Their way of thinking is very different from what I am used to. While I miss the earlier bunch a lot, I also like learning about their perspective on business in general and the industry in specific. My VBA coding skills are immensely helpful, both to me and my team mates. Thanks for that Bansal. Overall, keeping my fingers crossed for a great experience!






7 responses to “With love… From Mumbai!”

  1. Parul Avatar

    Probably the 1st post where you have mentioned me so mera reply banta hai 🙂
    Anyways wait a little bit longer you won’t hate that smell. And I have decided I am gonna live my last 2 months here like my 1st 2 months and thank god you people are there to make that happen.

  2. Chaithanya Avatar

    Nice one man..i always love to read “mere funde”..keep them coming 🙂

  3. kshitij Avatar

    good one..as of now the hates are more than the love…but i hope the equation skews the other way soon…or else…u can always relocate to chennai 😀 😉

  4. Goyal Avatar

    @Parul: You are there in a lead role in Pinky ki shaadi wala post. But thanks for the comment anyway. And yeah, let’s make these two months memorable 🙂

    @Chaithu: Thanks bud!

    @Kshitij: Not really. The local thing is neutral. So its a balance right now. I am hoping that the scales tilt soon to like 😛 And Chennai, hmmm, will have to think a little.

  5. Arun Cherian Thomas Avatar
    Arun Cherian Thomas

    May your last wish come true as soon as possible 🙂

  6. Nihal Avatar

    I know this is a late comment, but great to know that Mumbai made an impact on you. Having grown up in Mumbai, both Gurgaon and Delhi felt pretty alien to me, and I’m sure you had similar experiences here …

  7. Goyal Avatar

    @Nihal: I am pretty open to cities making an impact on me. I loved Delhi (other than the weather). Chandini Chowk makes me feel alive like no other place. And I have come to like Mumbai too. The sea calms you like nothing else, gives me a sense of things, and how everything is so small and weak in front of it.

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