Love at first drive!

It was the best hundred bucks I have spent in Mumbai so far. This morning I had to go to Nariman Point for some work, and while coming back to office, I decided to take a taxi instead of the local. I don’t really know why I did it, but it turned out to be a good decision in the end.

The drive through Marine Drive, with overcast conditions, a gentle breeze blowing in from the sea, and the sight of pigeons flying around, was so soothing that it can’t be explained, just experienced. The driver didn’t talk, and just stared at the sea, the people, and the birds. Add to that the unusually low and silent traffic, and it was just, well, perfect.

Had it been any other time, it would have been a honkathon, but this was different. It was peaceful, and as I passed through those dilapidated houses that belonged to the Dinsah’s and the Wadia’s, I could not help but compare it to Chandini Chowk. If the true heart of Delhi is located in Chandini Chowk, it had to be this place for Amchi Mumbai.

All I want to do now is walk down this place early in the morning while watching the sunrise. Bliss!

PS: Considering that I live close to the mountains and awesome drives have been a part of my staple diet, you can just imagine how awesome it must have been for me to write about it.





7 responses to “Love at first drive!”

  1. Kshitij Avatar

    Well said amigo! ur lucky to get such an optimal set of conditions and enjoy the drive. but i think in order to enjoy the sunrise, you may just have to do a nightout and reach marine drive 🙂

  2. Raj Avatar

    The first time I went to Mumbai, I only liked South Mumbai. And Marine Drive, of course. Whats weird is that even though it is generally used to represent Mumbai, its almost like a different world. (Metaphorically) distant from the rest of the city.

  3. Goyal Avatar

    @Kshitij: Not something I haven’t done before 😛 Multiple times at BITS, and a few times at ISB as well.

    @Raj: I know. It seems like a different world hidden from the rest of Mumbai. Almost like platform 9 1/2 in HP.

  4. Kishor Barman Avatar
    Kishor Barman

    South Bombay is simply superb, and it’s even better in the monsoons.

    But I believe you can only enjoy the sunset from Marine Drive (curse of being in the west).

  5. Goyal Avatar

    @Kishor: Hmm. But the sea is awesome anyway, and must be nice in the morning.

  6. Rhiannon Avatar

    🙂 Glad you are enjoying your stay in Mumbai. You live close to the mountains….where exactly yaar? Somewhere nesr Kandiwali? Just realized, I don’t have your number…mail it to me. Will buzz sometime.

  7. Goyal Avatar

    Not here Neha. My real home – Siliguri. Half an hour from the glorious mountains!

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