WordPress Upgrade

As the last tech job on the blog for this year, I have upgraded to WordPress 2.3.2!! Looking forward to 2008.

Blog Update

After two days of frustrations, backups, trials, errors, disasters and some hope, “mere funde” now runs on WordPress 2.3 Hooray! Features to be implemented: Some new skin – I am thinking Unsleepable (any suggestions?) Tag Cloud – Extended Live Archives Update all uncategorized posts to different categories Update: Though I have settled for Cutline at […]

Pretty Picture

I have finally added a photos page, mostly containing snaps I take while experimenting with my DSLR. Comments welcome 🙂

Love & Trust

From Gaping Void. Though it seems depressing, you should read the comments. I am quoting one good one. trust someone + love someone = be someone  ~Leah Another good one below.