The power of observation

By Debasish on Cricinfo: Given the volume of cricket that BCCI imposes on the Indian cricketers, the cricketers have found a novel way to avoid over exertion. How ? By crashing out in the first rounds of every ICC tournament ( World Cup, 20-20 World Cup and now the Champions Trophy) and thereby gaining some […]

Quotes of the day

From the world of cricket come the lines below. Talk about hitting below the belt!! It was in Jamaica that Mike Gatting became the first batsman, as opposed to bowler, to be accused of ball-tampering after being struck in the face by Malcolm Marshall. When they finally retrieved the ball, which had richocheted so far […]

Random Notes

Some random notes from the extended weekend I am enjoying. Andrew Symonds is an idiot. Why would you call another player a “lump of shit”? That too on air. That too when you take offense at someone calling you a monkey. And that comment about Hayden’s wife. Funny, but not done!! Slumdog Millionaire is a […]


This guy is awesome. Actually, he is beyond awesome. He is the only other cricketer of the current bunch, after the God of course, I would pay to watch play. He wields the willow like no one, and scores his at will. He is one off the old block. Days when cricket was not entertainment […]

World Test XI

Ron Reed and Vic Marks have done it. And so has Uncle JRod. Here is mine. Sehwag – The innings against South Africa and Poms at Chennai. Enough said. Smith – Gambhir is unlucky to miss out, but Smith scored more runs, and at crucial times. Pietersen – The guy can bat. Tendulkar – I […]