Tag: Gaping Void

  • We don’t give a damn!!

    Hugh Macleod, of Gaping Void fame, has put up this “Nobody Cares” manifesto by Dennis Howlett. I agree with all of it, but find the below mentioned points very relevant. * Adding value is the most important thing you have to do – nobody believes you. Clients can read a 1,000 websites and see that…

  • What to do when in doubt?

    Gaping Void always brings a smile to my face. Here is yet another example. Reminds me of Infosys Orientation. They said, “When in doubt, don’t.” I think I like this one better.

  • Is ‘blog’ a 4 letter word?

    Unfortunately, a few people (who matter), think so!! I wish they realised the value of blogging. I mean people like Jonathan Schwartz (President, SUN), Jeremy Zawodny (mySQL Guru, Yahoo), Robert Scoble (ex-Microsoft, PodTech.net), Matt Cutts (SEO geek, Google), Om Malik (GigaOM), and Michael Arrington (TechCrunch) are most famous because of their blogs. Ok, not Schwartz.…