The blog has undergone a change

The blog has undergone a major change, and it is more functional than cosmetic.

I have realized that I don’t have time or patience to write longer posts given the time, and hence starting on this P2 theme. It feels more like Twitter, and I hope I am able to post more often 🙂

Why I love Airtel (or why I hate Vodafone)

I believe that Airtel has the best customer support of all mobile carriers in India, and also the best network. It has been my preferred carrier for more than 4 years now. However, they did not land up on campus till about a week after we joined, and since by then everyone else was on Vodafone CUG, I had to join the Vodafone bandwagon too.

The first shock was that Vodafone did not support Twitter. WTF!! Wake up and smell the breeze folks. It could be a significant revenue earner, and yet you have decided not too support it. Can someone please explain the logic??

Next, I had some issue with the billing (never had it on Airtel I tell you), and I lodged a complain on their helpline. I must inform you here that it is near impossible to speak to a human voice on their IVRS. However, I did manage to file a complain, and 10 days (seriously) later they get back to me saying that they believe that the invoice is correct. I try to explain to the person my logic, and why I think there is an error, but he doesn’t know anything about my complain. What?? Are you fricking kidding me!!

Anyway, I sent their regional head an email about the error with the invoice details, and also the complaint number. He replied back saying I had forgotten my mobile number. I was soooper pissed. Can’t they locate my details through the invoice number and my name?? How hard can that be??

Seriously Vodafone, if you want to be as attractive as the Zoozoos, get your act together in customer support.

WP Upgrade

Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.2 and also updated the Twitter Tool plugin.

By the way, the WordPress 2.7 has auto upgrade from within the admin area. Now that is a nice step ahead, and also a logical progression of the plugin updater. Also, that means that the cPanel becomes almost useless for me. I would also have wished for an integrated backup otion.

I am back

… after a brief hiatus. I have been away for almost a month, mostly due to increased work load. But I am firmly and surely back again. I recount below some of the more interesting things that have happened over the past month.

1. BarCamp Delhi 4 was attended. It was my first BarCamp and a very nice experience at that. It was held at the Amity Incubator in Noida, and they were excellent hosts with brilliant WiFi and lunch. Met a lot of interesting people. The event was low on tech and more on networking I was slightly disappointed. I personally delivered a talk on “Software and IP” and Akshat one on “Folksonomies”. After the camp clicked a couple of snaps at the India Gate and got caught in hail and rain. Thankfully the lappie and the cam were unaffected. Photos here.

2. The Quiz at office was won. The Bong (Aditya Chakrobarty) and me – named as “Two Bongs or Not” – defeated three other teams by a huge margin and got ourselves coupouns for Landmark worth a grand each. Luck played a huge part, but I am not complaining.

3. Gurgaon experienced a week of “Awesome Mausum” – I phrase I can claim to have invented. Rain pounded and the temperatures fell so low that the fans were switched off! In the middle of May – who would have thunk!

Fell in love with Poets of The Fall – Carnival of Rust. Other than that I have been twittering quite a lot. You can follow me here.

Celebrations & Apologies

I imported all posts and comments from our old group blog today. The blog has now been dormant for more than a year, the last post being one on the Hyderabad trip. I just wanted to back it up for the future. The blog posts contain a lot of trip reviews, nice little conversations, lot of debates, and some awesome memories. The blog itself was the brain child of Ankit and it slowly transformed into a group blog. It was pretty damn active while I was still at BITS and Rahul doing his PS. And then after that it lost steam.

Anyways, due to the Twitter plugin, the import resulted in a couple of friends being totally spammed. I am so sorry folks. Never meant to.

Note to self – Before any importing or exporting or updates or anything else, deactivate all plugins!!