Celebrations & Apologies

I imported all posts and comments from our old group blog today. The blog has now been dormant for more than a year, the last post being one on the Hyderabad trip. I just wanted to back it up for the future. The blog posts contain a lot of trip reviews, nice little conversations, lot of debates, and some awesome memories. The blog itself was the brain child of Ankit and it slowly transformed into a group blog. It was pretty damn active while I was still at BITS and Rahul doing his PS. And then after that it lost steam.

Anyways, due to the Twitter plugin, the import resulted in a couple of friends being totally spammed. I am so sorry folks. Never meant to.

Note to self – Before any importing or exporting or updates or anything else, deactivate all plugins!!






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  1. Akanksha Avatar

    19 posts in 15 seconds.. I thought you had turned into a superman-blogger! Anyway, apology accepted 😀

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