Black Friday

I saw this movie quite a while back, but the scenes are still fresh in my memory. The gory scene just after the blast and the deformed bodies. The police torture scene and the man shooting himself and his family. The exploitation of angry Muslim youth by Tiger Memon and many more. Its hard to believe that the same director has actually directed Shaka Laka Boom Boom.

The movie has been adapted by Anurag Kashyap from a book by Hussain Zaidi. The movie is fast paced and moves effortlessly form the past to the present and various scenes. The movie uses original names, from Tiger Memon to Dawood Ibrahim. No one has been spared, not the Muslims, not the Hindus, not the Police and not even Balasaheb Thakare. For once a hindi movie has called a spade a spade. The movie even manages to humanize the terrorists without actually pardoning them. As Ojas puts it here, “And that graffiti on the police station cell wall and that chase sequence… they have managed to catch even the minutest details.

The brilliant Kay Kay Menon, as Inspector Mario, speaks more from his eyes than his actions. The scenes with his dipping his head in a bucket of water, and giving the lady her spectacles back are just awesome. However, the movie’s best act goes to Pavan Malhotra as Tiger Memon. He has played his part exceptionally well. Tiger’s histerical shouting after his office is burnt down and his manipulation of the angry Muslim youth is spell binding. Also worth mention is a splendid performance by Aditya Srivastava as Badsah Khan. His potrayl of Badsah’s journey and the troubles during it make you sit up and take notice. His tussle scene with Yeda Yakub for his passport gets you to the edge of your seat. Overall the movie gets a 4.5/5 from me. A def must watch!!

One complain with the movie. I think at points it has under used the music by Indian Ocean. The song Bandeh comes at the end, and is a masterpiece. I wish I hear them play it live once.

अरे मंदीर ये चुप है, अरे मस्जिद है गुमसूम, इबादत थक पड़ेगी हो
समय की लाल आँधी, कब्रिस्तान ये रास्ते, अरे लतपट् चलेगी हो

अरे नींदें है ज़ख़्मी, अरे सपने है भूखे, की करवत फट पड़ेगी हो
एह आंधी चोट तेरी, कभी की सुख जाती, मगर अब पाक चलेगी

PS: What is it with guys and water. I personally feel so much better after a shower when I am depressed and also how sweet the rain feels at times.



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