Tehelka goes bonkers!!

The newspaper has finally lost it, going wayyyyy overboard in its criticism of the Indian cricket team. As everybody else, I too am deeply aggrieved over the early exit of India from the WC2007. However, sad as it is, it does not call for total beration of the stars we all worshipped at some point of time. From their website:

Reputations aflame: Fans burn a poster of the self-styled (emphasis added) god of Indian cricket, Sachin Tendulakr (sic!), following India’s loss to Bangladesh in the World Cup.

Does the reporter realise that more people in India love and till a certain extent even still worship this person, than those who know about Tehelka? And “self-styled”!! Please give him a break. He may not be the best in the world any more, but he is still good enough to be in the team. And for God’s sake, he never called himself the “god of Indian cricket”. It was us who gave him this status.






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