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Sometimes I think that humans are born for doing one thing – crib. We are never satisfied. And I am a shining example.

When I have work, which has been the case for the past one and a half months, I crib. In fact, the last month or two have been crazy, but extremely pleasing also. We have immense amount of work and a very very narrow deadline to meet. But then, there is the satisfaction of seeing our group at the top again. Right where it belongs. The entire team (minus me) has been working very very hard and I am so grateful that they are on the project, which makes my work so damn easy. Though I have not complimented them on their faces, I think (hope at least!!) they know that I appreciate their work a lot and that they have been great. Thanks guys, would not have been possible without your help and hard work!

When I don’t have work, like the last couple of days (due to shifting of places), I crib. I was almost bored to death today. Kuch nahi kiya din bhar and I was reminded of how horrible life would be without work. I mean weekends are fun because the week is hectic. So here I am writing a post to describe the extreme state of vettiness I am in, which might drastically change within a couple of days depending on a pending approval from one of the clients.

Anyways, I have also been doing a lot of other things. Watching Heroes, Studio 60,  Southpark, and a lot of movies.

Heroes is a series about normal guys with superpowers and their mission to save the world. However, it is only reccomended if you are a comic book fan. It is extremely well made and very engrossing. I watched close to 12, 40 mins, episodes over a span of two days. And now I need to download newer episodes 🙂 Oh, by the way, Ali Larter is so damn sexy!!!

Studio 60, is a nice comedy series, starring Matt (Matthew Perry) and Jordan (Amanda Peet). Other major characters are Danny (Bradley Whitford) , Harriet (Sarah Paulson) and Simon Stiles (DL Hughley). Now Perry is at his sarcastic best and romance is brewing (once again) between him and Harriet. Meanwhile Jordan is the head of a broadcasting network and is a very nice person and Danny is in love with her. Man, you should check out the scene where he proposes to her (I saw it last night), very chic!!

Southpark is a totally kick ass comedy cartoon series, making fun of the American pop culture. Must watch!!

Coming to movies. I have finally seen Apocalypto – short review, nothing great. I have also seen The Last King of Scotland – awesome. Also, I saw this wierd movie called A Scanner Darkly, nice but wierd, and the rotoscoping is awesome.

All the movies and TV series courtesy Akshat, an awesome bloke in my group.






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