I am a believer

I have to admit this.

I have long been a semi-atheist. I believe in God but hate any quarrels over religion. So, I have shifted. I am now a follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM). I will now try to follow the The Eight “I’d Really Rather You Didn’ts”.

The most important amongst these, for me, would be:

  1. I’d really rather you didn’t act like a sanctimonious holier-than-thou ass when describing my noodly goodness. If some people don’t believe in me, that’s okay. Really, I’m not that vain. Besides, this isn’t about them so don’t change the subject.
  2. I’d really rather you didn’t judge people for the way they look, or how they dress, or the way they talk, or, well, just play nice, Okay? Oh, and get this into your thick heads: woman = person. man = person. Samey = Samey. One is not better than the other, unless we’re talking about fashion and I’m sorry, but I gave that to women and some guys who know the difference between teal and fuchsia [emphasis mine, and I believe he is talking of Karan Johar].
  3. I’d really rather you didn’t indulge in conduct that offends yourself, or your willing, consenting partner of legal age AND mental maturity. As for anyone who might object, I think the expression is go f*** yourself, unless they find that offensive in which case they can turn off the TV for once and go for a walk for a change.

All hail the FSM!







2 responses to “I am a believer”

  1. Krish Ashok Avatar

    🙂 Although one must note that Karan Johar follows the slightly more fashionable Levitating Penne Pasta with Arabiatta Sauce Monster Wearing Mascara.

  2. Goyal Avatar

    I am sure Simi Grewal would be distressed, KJ is her biggest competitior after all.

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