There and back..

And yes – it is one of the most satisfying feelings to have been there and done that. The fact that I was allowed to take the entire talk on Intellectual Property was an added sweetener to the whole situation. The moment I stood up to introduce myself will forever remain etched in my memory, […]

Off to Pilani

I am going to Pilani for the next couple of days for recruitment. It is one of the most amazing feeling to be back to your alma mater, and that you are on the other side of the table this time makes it that much more special.. More on the trip once I return. Bye..

Celebrations & Apologies

I imported all posts and comments from our old group blog today. The blog has now been dormant for more than a year, the last post being one on the Hyderabad trip. I just wanted to back it up for the future. The blog posts contain a lot of trip reviews, nice little conversations, lot […]

Johnnie Walker advert..

I am a sucker for good sports writing. And below is a nugget I stumbled upon the web. Link via Cricinfo – The Surfer. Laxman’s walk to the crease is all purposeful, rolling-shouldered, Johnnie Walker advert. Once there, he combines a stillness of demeanour with a bustle of run-seeking. Unlike in Sydney, his innings at […]

Yahoo integrates Del.icio.us – Finally!!

I remember having a conversation with a Yahoo! friend of mine, a month and a half back,  in which we debated the integration of Del.icio.us bookmarks in Yahoo! Search results. Seems like it is finally happening. Yay!