स्वागत है

If you are one of those three (lemme count.. one, two, three, yup, thats all) people who do visit my blog and read tolerate the nonsense that I put up here, you would have noticed that the blog was out for a couple of days. Here is an official reason.

I had not been able to post in hindi for quite some while now, and I had done nothing wrong apparently. However, on deeper inspection, I did find out the reason for this. The database, provided by my kind host, used the latin_swedish_ci character set and collation. Because of this it did not support the hindi fonts. So I tried rectifying it by running some basic SQL queries (which is not saying much). So I backed up my database (important), and started fiddling around, and obviously everything went wrong.

So I had to go back to Ashish and ask him to setup a database with the UTF8 charset which supports the hindi character set. After he did that, I setup WordPress (2.3.3) and imported the posts, comments, images, themes, etc. Only one glitch remains. Due to an error in WordPress, the tags have been imported as IDs into the new database. I have applied the patch mentioned in the forum [I am so proud of being able to do that!!], but haven’t been able to reimport the tags as of now. Will keep you updated as and when that happens. Till then,

आपको हुई असुविधा के लिए मुझे खेद है






3 responses to “स्वागत है”

  1. Akanksha Avatar

    You’re lucky you have THREE regular visitors.. my blog has zero ‘regular’ visitors! I myself hardly go there :))). 3:55! another failed attempt at trying to change my sleep cycle 🙁

  2. Goyal Avatar

    You have zero regular visitors because you don’t go there yourself!! Start writing and people will come. My blog getting three visitors is a testimony to that.

    And you need to switch off, and not use comp/tv when you wake up. First few days you get bored and then you start falling asleep.

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